Job Description - Head Chef - $30-35/hr+

Need chef to create and cook weekly menu – $30-35+/hr, 2 – 4 days/week, starting in December or January

Chef to Table is seeking a chef in Calgary to create a rotating menu of several meals each week and be responsible for cooking a few hundred orders of those meals in one day. You can do this on a part-time basis with a flexible schedule.

This is your chance to show your skills and explore new styles of cooking at the same time, in a flexible work environment where we can make a schedule that works for you.

We offer a limited menu for our customers to order from each week, and change the menu weekly. We let you know the total order a few days in advance so you have time to buy the ingredients and prepare the meals. We have a commercial kitchen space in SE Calgary. Once you finish cooking the meals, our drivers come in to pack and deliver them to thousands of customers across Calgary and Edmonton.

The business is growing quickly with a lot of customers who are interested in getting home deliveries, whether they are trying to stay home or busy driving around all day.

You will be responsible for creating a weekly menu with a varied selection of meals, providing nutritional information for the meals, purchasing food and managing food costs, cooking meals and overseeing everyone who helps with cooking, and ensuring that quality and sanitation standards are followed.

Our customers appreciate knowing what they will get ahead of time, and they also like to see variety and new options to try so there is lots of room to get creative and try out new meals. We have 5 years of experience doing this and we can work with you to make sure it goes well.

These deliveries help make life easier for everyone from busy families to retired seniors who have limited mobility, and people who need assistance dealing with illness and bereavement. They get a healthy option that saves time and you will see how your work is making life better for thousands of families.

You will get a competitive income, a flexible schedule, and be a part of this as the business grows to serve many more customers.

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