Our Story

Life is better when you eat good food every day.

We believe that what you eat is important. Good food starts with simple, fresh, high-quality ingredients that are prepared with careful attention. It gives you a chance to explore new flavours. And it never makes you feel unhealthy.

You can enjoy every day when you eat like this — but sometimes there’s just not time to look up recipes, shop for groceries, cook, and clean up. Not to mention the occasional time when you burn everything and start over

That’s just not possible when you only have 30 minutes between coming home from the day and going out for the evening. That’s exactly why Chef to Table is here. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice the other important parts of your life just to cook a good meal.

We give you those great meals without the work. Just come home, pick up the box at your door, put them in the fridge, and heat them up whenever you need to eat.

We’re always thinking about how to find and make better meals. We spend every day searching for the best recipes, ingredients, and flavors.

Chef to Table is our way of sharing what we find and letting you take the shortcut.

All of our meals are cooked in a commercial kitchen using fresh local ingredients and delivered to you within 24 hours. Our head chef Mike has worked in upscale restaurants for 13 years and as a private chef for 15 years.