Customer Reviews

With thousands of customers in Calgary and Edmonton enjoying our meals, we have received many positive comments. Here are just a few of them. Remember, if you try our meals and find that they aren’t what you expected just let us know and we will happily refund your order!

“I’ve been ordering for a few weeks now and I am super happy! By far the most affordable prepared food (even when compared to meal delivery kits where you still have to cook), good portion size, and everything is delicious!” — Kristy

“They were awesome! I was super impressed. Everything was delicious.” — Tiffany

“I thank you, the company, the chefs and your delivery drivers for the unreal service you provide. And I will be spreading the word to others as well.” — Trina

“For someone that works up to 75 hours a week you have just made my life so much easier! I am so grateful for this service and delicious food!” — Natalie

“Loved them. Actually losing weight from eating properly and also don’t have food cravings because I am getting proper nutrition.” — Anne

“What I appreciate is, as my meal is warming up, I am free to work on a creative project, rest, read or work. The creative, rest & reading was foreign to me for centuries. This is an adventure.” — Stephanie

“We’ve got an almost-one-year-old so time is at a premium, but all three of us have been really enjoying the service! It’s awesome that you have so much variety, but that our favourites come back around again after a little while too! Thank you again from all of us! :D” — Sara

“I just tried my first order and am so so impressed! The quality is incredible. There are tons of options to choose from, and the price for a completely prepared meal is fantastic. I love meal kit services but stopped using them because of the amount of packaging. Chef to Table allows you to return the insulated box and ice pack for reuse!” — Jana

“Amazing !! So easy , awesome , tasty food if you hate cooking after a stressful day of work” – Doreen

“The mac ‘n’ cheese was good, the taco stuffed sweet potato was very good.” — Mara

“They were delicious! Thank you for providing this service during difficult times.” — Tara

“My daughter and I love them.  Such a treat.” — Jodi

“Our meals were awesome this past week. We feel like the quality has also increased and we are really enjoying ordering twice a week. As well, the delivery time is perfect for us with small kids as we can have food on the table for 5pm. Thank you again!” — Mallory

“I just received my first meals today. As a single woman still working I find this the best option ever. It eliminates the need for most grocery shopping, keeps me from making spontaneous purchases and the portions are controlled. The keto options are the greatest driver for me! Keep it up “Chef to Table”. You’re helping me save money and lose some LB’s and all while saving me time and eating delicious food!!!!” — Sharon

“Meals have been absolutely amazing.  Thank you.” — Lisa

“Such incredibly nice people dropping food off every week, plus the food is fricken delicious” — Sara

“I’ve been looking for a Keto specific delivery service for a while. I can never stay consistent. The Keto food they make is really good and the prices are REALLY good. $10 / meal. The food is different every week and it’s not an automated service so you don’t have to remember to pause or cancel if you don’t want / need more. I’ve enjoyed all the food I have received so far. It is tasty and because it is pre cooked I don’t have to worry about planning my meals and cooking.” — Victoria

“We had the Mexican Keto meal and my whole family loved it. Raved about it!” — Sherise

“Absolutely love everything so far. Perfect size, great meals. A+!” — Nicole

“Had some delivered yesterday. Fantastic meal thank-you!” — Tanya

“Our spinach salads were terrific.  Loved the strawberry dressing! Thank you for the good food!” — Diane

“Loved the steak fajitas!” — Michelle

“I received my first order yesterday and tried the Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo. I really enjoyed this dish. I like this service. You order each week however many dishes you want, and return the insulated box meals are delivered in with the pickup the following week. That way they can just leave meals at the door in case no one is home.” — Sam

“The meals were great! I am very impressed!” — Liz

“The soup, I can’t remember what it was called, was fantastic!!! So were the coleslaw and pineapple pulled pork!” — Kelly

“The meals were great! Love the pulled pork! Thank you so much. Looking forward to next week.” — Ghislain

“Just had the Tuscan Chicken Mac & Cheese. OMG this is THE BEST dish I have had from you. Absolutely love it. The flavours are awesome and so delicious. I wish I could order it again. Would eat this dish as often as you feel like making it.” — Birgit

“The meals were so yummy, ur stuck with me now!” — Terry

“The soup was awesome, enjoyed every bite. Thank you for making these types of meals available. I really enjoy cooking but find it difficult cooking just for myself at this time. Take care” — Joan

“I always LOVE!! the salmon. Thank you for continuing to do what you do!” — Mary

“The ribs were fall off the bone which is what we like and very meaty. The potato salad was good and filling. The wide noodles were very good. We’re more accurate on the sizes now. I like that I have meals in the fridge, cooked and ready to go!” — Laura

“Amazing again. !!! Thank you” — Jodi

“Amazing!  Nothing but great things to say. These have been a gift to my mother while she is anxiously home and social distancing – this has been a way to give her something to look forward to, to keep her eating fresh heathy food without going to the grocery store much. She has been very much enjoying this” — Josee

“You guys are amazing! My doctor told me about your services and I’m beyond grateful for you guys and for you being out there during this pandemic to help deliver food. The words thank you do not do my gratitude justice.” — Trina

“I love it! It makes my life much easier especially after working all day!! Also, other food services will automatically send you a food delivery if you forget to cancel whereas Chef to Table only send you yummy food if it’s ordered!” — Doreen

“This is my second week of chef to table meals for dinner and so far, I love it! The meals are tasty, the service and delivery is fantastic, and I love the fact that all I need to do on a work night is heat up the food and I’m good to go. The prices are also very decent! So far I am pleased and will continue to order meals!” — Jessica

“All of the meals we have had so far have been above expectations. The portions are ample and we often have leftovers which is breakfast or lunch for one of us. I like that they don’t taste like frozen dinners. Thank you.” — Dan

“The meals are great and your program is saving me a lot of time and not eating the same thing for the next few days.  My favourite are any salmon meals that you are offering.  Since trying the Keto meals, I feel way better knowing that I am eating a lot healthier.  Thank you.” — Linda

“I absolutely love the meals. I’ve used several other services as well as some that deliver to cook. I’ve been very pleased with yours. The delivery lady is such a nice person and fabulous. The meals are fabulous and can not wait to try more. Thanks again.” — Bill

“Just received my first dinner today I must say it was great awesome portion size for the $10 meal labour was amazing I look forward to having my next meal tomorrow so yummy well worth it delivery was here before 4 definitely recommend it.” — Sherry

“Wish I could post this amazing smell!!” — Mary

“Thanks for reaching out. I was happy with my meals this week. It’s a great way to portion control my meals, and I am confident that it is saving me money. I appreciate the fact that you have KETO meals too, as I try and eat relatively low carb. Keep up the great work, and thanks for helping to keep the world turning and feeding us! The only thing I have to go to the grocery store is cream and coffee!” — Sharon