Send Gift Certificate

Show you care by sending some meals as a gift! The person receiving this gift certificate can pick their own meals and have them delivered to their home on Mondays or Thursdays. Our menu has a variety of meals including vegan and keto meals.

Regular meals are $12 each and large meals are $17 each. The regular meals are typically enough for one person. For two people they may prefer two regular meals or one large meal.

For example if you want to give 4 regular meals you can send a gift certificate for $48. There are no additional costs for Calgary, Airdrie, and Chestemere deliveries. For anyone in the Edmonton area there is an additional $15 delivery fee for each day that they order.

The gift certificate can be used online immediately. You will not need to wait to get it in the mail!

You can see a preview of how the ordering process works here. They just need to choose their meals and the delivery will be dropped off on the next Monday. They will get an email next week with the new menu.

  • Please enter the amount you would like to send as a gift.
  • We don't send the gift certificate to the recipient -- you can choose the right time to do that. They will see this message when they enter the code on our website.
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